Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The dressing is off

All in all, a fairly successful trip to see the nurse today. Waterproof dressing off without too much wincing from me, but it is damn sore.

When I looked down at the steri strips though and saw how many there were I did panic a bit. I didn't count all of them but there were in excess of twelve which was more than I was expecting. The nurse took the first on off, and it was so stressful (for me) as I was worried about the wound opening up, that I asked to do the rest. By now you know me quite well and are probably not surprised as I am a complete control freak.

So, I stood in front of a mirror and took them all off, and other than the full ten inches of scab coming off in small sections with the steri strips it was fine. Although it did apparently go a bit ghostly white towards the end, so I ended up with a fan blowing cool air onto me whilst I did the rest....... What a twit I am.

Other than a bit of weeping (the wound, not me...yet...) it seems fine, but as my husband said when I got home, golly, that is a long scar.

In reality, it looks really good, and not at all like the obvious surgical wound I was expecting. It is amazing how much healing a body can do in ten days.

I won't lie, it is sore to touch and I can feel every whisper of air or touch of fabric, but it doesn't feel weak, if that makes sense. Just raw. A bit like my emotions at the moment.

I will photograph it, later or tomorrow when I am feeling a bit braver. Not for publication here, but if as I've said before, anyone going through similar wants to see photos of a mastectomy scar during healing, and of course, to remind me in the future just how far I have come on what is already a pretty long journey, with still a very long way to go.

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