Friday, 28 September 2012


I don't normally like packing. Liking it even less tonight. However, I am, roughly speaking, packed for my day trip to hospital tomorrow, with spare knickers, just in case. Apologies, you don't really need to know that I have spare underwear, but packing them seemed to make sense to me - I'm trying to invoke the law of sod in reverse again i.e. if I pack them I won't need them.

If I do end up staying in I have at least wrapped all of the biggest's birthday presents and written the cards in time for Sunday, so if she needs to be distracted then it will be pretty easy. 

We have friends on the way tonight to stay and look after the children, which is lovely of them. My friend very sadly lost her mother to cancer last year and she is a very talented Doctor, so she has an extremely good understanding of what I am going through.

I'm not sure how I feel this time. I am definitely nervous, particularly as everyone in the know seems to think I'm going to be in a lot more pain this time than last time.... nice of them to tell me. Hopefully it won't be too bad - I was in pretty good shape after having the mastectomy, so how bad can a few nodes be? 

I've already had the most "disfiguring" surgery - other than some cording which I can hopefully stretch out, I am already used to the changes that my body has gone through. Truth be told, my scar actually looks amazing. There is no swelling, and most of the soreness has gone. Friends and colleagues happily tell me that they can't tell what has been done, and I actually was brave enough to wear a low ish cut v necked dress today and my scar didn't show, which is excellent. I certainly don't want a new wardrobe.

I've got to be in for 7.30am so we shall leave a bit before 7am. An extremely kind person has left a box of fudge for me at the desk of the day surgery unit, so I'll have something to munch on after I come round. 

I'm half tempted to bake another cake or take a box of chocolates for the ladies on the day surgery unit, as they were all so lovely last time. Would that be weird?

This is not the most exciting post I have ever written, so for that I apologise. I think that my brain is a bit frazzled and can only cope with simple thoughts. I have half a post drafted, in my brain, on fatalism and realism, which I shall share at some point, once it and I am more coherent.

So, I shall sign off for now, with the very good news that I did manage to drag myself to work this morning, and sold 157 paintings by auction. The sale went extremely well, and the top price achieved for one lot was £13,000 before buyers premium and all taxes. Far less chocolate teapot like today. A superb result.

I'm extremely proud of my team - they have done a fab job in my absence but made it known that I am very missed, which was extremely kind of them.

Anyhoo, that is it from me for now. I shall update, God willing, tomorrow night.

God bless.

Rebecca x


  1. Do NOT apologise - please

    Wishing all the best (what a rubbish thing to say but you know) for tomorrow - shall hope that it is quick, simple and comes back with the right answers

    With love x