Saturday, 29 September 2012

I'm home!

Just a very quick note to say I am home, and all things considered had a reasonable day.

I was seen very promptly at 7.25am, taken to the room I was to share with four other unfortunates, and kicked my heels for a bit until a nurse came to take my essential information and do the MRSA swabs which were as fun as I remembered from last time.

My consultant popped in at about 8.15am so I had a chance to chat with one or two of the other ladies that were in, which was really nice and made me feel far more confident, oddly, as I had been through a lot of what they were about to go through before so was able to reassure them a bit. I hope that doesn't sound too partonising, particularly when you think that I was the youngest in there by at least 15 years.

As I have been randomised for the Lymphodoema trial, my right arm was measured and tested with electronic "pulses", similar to a Tens machine, and these measurements will be used as a base against which to compare future measurements before and after massage and other treatments and then compared to other ladies results. I found it all rather intriguing and was also highly entertained when my consultant found that the three electric wires were totally tangled together! I landed myself the job of untangling them after I had been measured, which was fab as it gave me something to do. Anything to be helpful.

The only habit my consultant has which I don't like is he brigs his steaming cup of filter coffee round with him, and to someone who has been starved of caffeine for the day (yeah yeah I know, only four hours at this point) it seems a bit mean!! He was kind enough to let me get a good waft though....

I was second in the list, and went in at about 9.45ish I think. I had a different anaesthetist this time, who was also lovely, but did ask why the hell I was there at the grand old age of 33..... I think he put it slightly nicer than that, and called me a lovely lady (lovely, despite the lack of coffee - we like him a lot), but still, I do rather share his sentiment in that regard.

My "gin and tonic" was administered very gently, and very quickly, so I didn't get as nervous as last time - I am becoming a seasoned pro now! 

The next thing I knew, it was about 10.30am and I was coming round from the anaesthetic. I felt a bit sore, so was given some rather excellent intravenous drugs, which evidently makes the continued presence of a cannula worth it.

The op went well, I had no complications, and the nerve block that I have had has made me extremely comfortable, but I will still need to be very careful. Post it notes required all over the house to remind me of this.

I was left some fabulous fudge at reception by a friend, and once I got back to the ward I cracked it open to celebrate. Yummy, thank you - you know who you are. After a while I was able to get dressed and saw my consultant, who also likes fudge apparently! We had a nice natter, and he disappeared for the weekend or what is left of it.

I think I got home at about 3.30pm in the end, and had some nice cuddles with the children, who have had a lovely day with our friends but hopefully missed me a bit. 

Luxury this afternoon though in that I did escape upstairs for a nap and only reappeared when the children were safely tucked up in bed. Bliss, thank you. You know who you are too!

I had very little pain this evening, but have taken a few painkillers so I remain comfortable. Other than the anti inflammatories I shall try and cut them right back though - I hate taking them for any length of time, and I will know how much or how little I can do if I can actually feel something.

It is now midnight, and having been up since about 4.30 am I really ought to go to sleep!

I have had a good chat with my lovely Dr friend about options for ports for chemo and various other things, which has helped a huge amount so I have a lot to think about but I feel more informed and confident in my choices.

Maybe I will start again tomorrow. Just a week or so, and I will know a lot more about my treatment plan etc and can start phase two of the fight back.

For now, I will go to be with the fond memory that this time four years ago my waters were about to go with my darling daughter, and one of the brightest lights in my life was about to arrive.

Happy birthday darling girl. I love you too too too too.

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