Sunday, 23 September 2012

I am not spam!!!!! Updated

I am, as you can tell, irrationally annoyed that think I am spam.

I'm not, and therefore am going to have to try to set this blog up somewhere else - I've been waiting for 10 days for blogger to unblock me, and they have started the whole process over again.

So, watch this space if you would like to continue to follow my story - I shall delve into the world of or any other alternative I can find.

If you have any recommendations please feel free to comment below.

I have set up a Wordpress blog, and am in the process of copying everything over. The problem is, I like using blogger. It is easy.

So, as I have been unspammed today, I'll give it another week and if I have been re-spammed (my new word of the day) I shall make the move.

Indecisive. Moi?


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