Monday, 15 July 2013

Seriously, where does time go?

Life in the fast lane makes time go faster I suppose! We certainly have been extremely busy over the last few weeks.

I had the privilege of going to Claire's funeral, which was horribly sad, but one of the most touching and uplifting services I have ever been to. It was standing room only at the crematorium and a fitting tribute to such a wonderful woman.

I survived my second Herceptin, which went fine despite the queries and debates over time needed to give the infusion! Hopefully by the time I have my third one, which is Thursday this week, all the departments of the hospital that have a say in my care will have decided how long it will take. I wasn't too worried about having to sit down for 3 hrs last time as I had just sent two days at our county show with my daughter and her pony, so I really needed the rest! 

We have also been on holiday to France for two weeks, which was lovely if rather hot! The children had a lovely time and things went quite smoothly on the whole, apart from the trip back. We crossed France with very few issues, but on returning to England were met with the chaos that is the M25 and it took 6 hours to get back from Portsmouth to Norwich.... still, a change is as good as a rest, and we have stocked up the wine rack somewhat!

Rather incredibly, I note from my diary that I am approaching an anniversary of sorts. A year ago I went to the doctor for what I hoped would be a reassuring chat, and on 1st August I found out that I would have to have a mastectomy, although whether I had "proper" cancer was still unknown.

It is truly scary how much life has changed over the last 12 months. In some ways it has changed for the better, but on the whole I feel that I am nearly unrecognisable, and not just physically!

I'm not sure how I feel about this anniversary, and not sure how I'm meant to feel about it either. Happy to be alive obviously, but I am still so confused as to how to live life to try to avoid this happening again that sometimes I feel totally swamped. Tired. I certainly feel tired and drained by it all.

Anyway, now we're back from holiday I'm going to throw myself into organising the charity auction which, no doubt you'll hear all about in due course! 

For now though, I really think I ought to go to bed. It has taken me forever to write this rather short and probably boring post, and I think I ought to at least attempt some sleep before my youngest decides it is time for a "great big cuddle", which is one of his favorite phrases at the moment! Just as well he is so cute.....