Thursday, 20 September 2012

Here we go again

So, I have another date. Finally. 

After much chasing and begging and offering to pay. The hospital is hectic, and I am very grateful that they have been able to book me in for a full axilla node clearance on 29th September. The day before my daughter's birthday.

Hey ho.  At least I should be able to cook a birthday cake before I go in. The main part isn't until mid October, so all being well I should be well enough for that and won't quite have started chemo. Bets are on as to whether I shall have to start on my birthday, which is the 16th.

Other news? Well the larger stage 2 cancer has come back as HER2+ 3+, which I think in essence means HER2 positive, which I think means I might be given Herceptin, but it will depend on the results from the full clearance which will arrive on approx 10th October. 

Suddenly, we will be three months down the line from first hospital appointment.  A quarter of the year. Where the hell has that gone? Scary.

So, next week. I have two auctions to do. One on Tuesday and one on the Friday, and I am determined, come hell or high water to do them both before I go back on official sick leave.

Stubborn, me? Nooooooooooo. Anyway, I may be biased but I think that stubbornness can be an extremely good trait to have....

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  1. Have just sat and read your entire blog to date - you are not only incredible, you are also a quite fabulous writer. Stay strong and much love from a fellow October 16th baby. Kat1 xxx