Monday, 24 September 2012

Housework is bad for you...


In fairness, my back was feeling a little delicate last week despite being seen by my lovely Chiro the week before. Whiplash and associated torsion at the end of May has a lot to answer for. (It has been my year, didn't you know?) However, over the weekend it got worse but I was determined to go to work this morning. 

That is, until I loaded the dishwasher. One plate too many and *ping*, or possibly *pop*, went my back. Ouch.

Ice pack applied for 10 mins then hot shower and hot water directed to my lower back, but to no avail.

Not impressed, but I was going to go to work until my husband, quite rightly, took matters out of my hands and rang my boss to tell him I wouldn't be going in. Lotting up 900 lots of machinery in the pouring rain probably not the best idea.

I have been hoping that I might get there tomorrow for the actual sale, which is the fun bit, but when I accidentally picked up my son this evening (he launched himself at me and it was self defence), it really went *twang* and I am even worse. 

I could sob.

My body feels like it is rather letting me down at the moment. I am so annoyed with myself, as it is very unlikely I will be going anywhere tomorrow at all, except maybe the Chiro is someone else will drive me. Not that I think he'll be able to do anything to me as it is too damn sore. 

I do have an appointment booked for Wednesday, which is just as well. I predict that it will end in acupuncture, which don't get me wrong, is brilliant, but I have had my fill of needles at the moment. At least I won't be able to see them this time round.


On the plus side, I haven't seen my husband laugh so much in ages - just wish it wasn't at me!!!

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