Thursday, 22 November 2012

What becomes of the broken hearted?

Okay, so possibly a slightly melodramatic post title.

However, I have had more bad news from my Oncologist.

Apparently, my left ventricle doesn't work as well as it should for someone of my age... 50% plays 65%. This is an issue, as they now don't want to give me any more FEC, and want to switch straight to Taxotere. At this stage, they also aren't sure whether they are going to be able to give me Herceptin. If they do, it certainly won't be at the same time as the Taxotere, which isn't an issue except for delaying completion of treatment, which I can live with. Ha ha.

Permission to swear? Loudly?

At the moment, other than starting ACE inhibitors immediately, which was yesterday, I really don't know where I stand and what the hell is going on.

It doesn't sound like they looked at my heart scan before giving me my first FEC, which is rather irritating, as they might well not have given it to me if they had - apparently it isn't good for someone with a "heart condition" which, apparently, I have.

So. Heart medication has started and I'm having a chat through with the consultant on Monday and will be having another heart scan to ascertain whether any damage has been done. I will admit to being rather fricked off and if the heart function has decreased I will want some pretty clever answers otherwise the poo may hit the proverbial.

On the plus side, the telling off I gave the GP's receptionist on Tuesday has definitely sunk in as they were extremely polite and efficient yesterday when organising my new medication.....


  1. You definitely have permission to swear as loudly as you like!

    Glad to hear the GP receptionist has improve though...

  2. Oh FFS. If we can't hear you swearing you're not trying hard enough.