Sunday, 18 November 2012

Here we go again....

So, first chemo and port fitting tomorrow. Slightly (okay, very) fearful. 

Hoping that I get seen quickly so I can get back home as my poor husband has an extremely bad back - hopefully he hasn't ruptured a disc but we won't know until Wednesday.... 

I don't know what to say really. In some way it feels like tomorrow will be the end of "normality" as I have come to know it (well, the most recent version of normality), and in other ways it is the beginning of a whole new phase. 

Perhaps the best way to think of it is the beginning of the end of cancer being in me?

I have had some amazing messages of love and support, which I am extremely grateful for. I know I have lots and lots of people rooting for me, and it helps. A lot.

I'm being picked up at 7.15 in the morning, and have no idea what time I shall be released. It'll depend on what time they can have a bed for me for the port fitting, then I'll wait for chemo and so it goes on.

My ipod and ipad have been charged and loaded with music etc so I should be fully entertained. The chance for a nap would also be nice ;-)

I shall report back in due course.

Wish me luck. I'm going in.....

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