Wednesday, 7 November 2012

In other news

Other than going pink, it has been a busy week with my Bone Scan on Monday night, filming for the Red Tractor on the farm with Jimmy Doherty (he is really lovely), and I even popped into work on Thursday. I wasn't particularly effective, but I was there.

I also have my Port fitting date and first Chemo date - both on 19th November. It's going to be a long day - I have to be there before 8am and will have to wait for a bed to do the port fitting, and once that is done, I'll be in the queue for Chemo. Apparently, if I don't get Chemo until early/late evening they will keep me in, which I'm not looking forward to, other than potentially a full nights sleep (gah, children!) and drugs on tap to counter side effects if I need them.

Actually, from that list there are lots of potential positives for staying in, but we'll see what happens on the day. I'll have to make sure I pack lots of reading materials so I don't get too bored, but hopefully I'll be allowed to wander round trather than have to be stuck in one room/ward all day.

Some brilliant news though - my bone and CT scans have come back clear, which is an enormous relief. 

I can, hopefully and tentatively say that we may have caught the cancer early. Fingers crossed. 

I have one got one more test before I start, which is a Cardiogram, and rather essential before considering starting Herceptin, but I'm not as worried about this one - to my knowledge my heart has always been nice and strong!

Oh yes, and a wig fitting - this should be entertaining! I'm half thinking about taking my daughter along to watch - I think she might find it hilarious.....


  1. Sending love - do you have an ipad / kindle for lots of reading materials wihtout much to carry? And have you discovered words with friends yet???

  2. Thank you. I have an ipad (kindly bought for me by DW'ers) so downloading books is a fab idea.

    What is words with friends?


  3. Amazing news with regard to your scan results - so happy for you.

    Words With Friends (annoyingly acronymed to WWF!) is like scrabble - but social! It's great.

  4. Gosh - no idea where this anonymous name came from - it's Laura Summers x