Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Oh yes, my hair....

...... or lack thereof.....

My hair hung on pretty well actually. It started to fall out at around 17 days after my first chemo, then far more started to come out after the second one and I kept finding piles of it here there and everywhere. When I was taking the children for a walk on one particular day I'm pretty sure that I saw a clump fly past as well....

So, galvanised by the prospect of actually going bald, I booked another appointment for a wig fitting and was rather delighted to come away with not one, but two wigs, and a rather short haircut.

With chemo 3 fast approaching, I have very very very little hair left on my head, and what I have is downy soft and very light in colour. The hair on my legs is still growing, albeit very slowly - typical that I can't get out of that chore!

I don't think that I'll ever get used to looking in the mirror and seeing myself bald. I'll certainly never underestimate the thermal insulating qualities of hair again. 

On the plus side, I still have my eyebrows and my eye lashes, so I don't look too hideous when I just have a hat on.

The wigs are okay - I prefer one to the other, which is natural, so I might be a seller on ebay at some point soon. The only problem is the itchiness after a few hours, and the occasional headache which I am sure is caused by the "grippers" just above the ears. 

Anyway, I musn't complain as all in all (ridiculous sickness last time notwithstanding), things aren't too bad at the moment.

On the final plus side, I've had the traditional "headlice email" from nursery so I've got to do the children's heads again. This time, I shall miss out on the treatment as there is nowhere for the little blighters to hide on me!!

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