Sunday, 6 January 2013

Half way there!

What a relief. 3 FEC down, and 3 Taxotere to go.

And there was no vomit this time. Quite an achievement when comparing it to last time's hourly trips to the bathroom.

I may even kiss Dr Evil next time I see him. Well, that might be over stretching the mark, but he'll certainly get a hug.

I was seen fairly close to 9am, and despite forgetting to put numbing cream on the port it didn't hurt too much to get hooked up. Actually, the chemo session didn't take too long but I waited for the whole bag of saline to go through which seemed to take forever, but eventually we got home at about 12pm.

As well as the new expensive anti-emetic (Emend), I took all of the other ones as well so must have rattled fairly, but from memory, I slept the rest of the day, and possibly night, cat napping on the sofa.

The only problems I've had this time are low blood pressure, racing heart (possibly caused by the Emend) and dizziness, which is annoying, but a reasonable exchange for not being sick. So, I've had to take it fairly steady but did manage a 2 mile walk yesterday (Saturday) and a shorter walk as well as a trip to get my blood pressure checked on the Friday, so all in all a better week.

It's a bit of a non-update really isn't it? Suvived chemo, and it wasn't awful! Admittedly, I'm still having problems eating, drinking, and swallowing my own saliva (WTVF?) but all in all it hasn't been a bad week.

I've even managed to get the Christmas decorations down on time, and without the smallest people noticing their absence, which is a miracle in itself.....


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