Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Many many updates....

......and many apologies for the long absence. It's been a busy few weeks.

So, where was I? Well, I'm still alive, which is a start! Just kidding - lots of people find that hard to laugh at, but my dark humour gene has well and truly kicked in.

After a few days of feeling fragile and annoyed post chemo, I managed to get over it, pick myself up and start getting back to normal. I've done a bit of work, a couple of auctions, and generally managed to keep myself busy. Oh, and a lot of Christmas shopping! Nothing's wrapped of course, but Christmas is still ages away, right?

Heart wise, I'm okay. We upped the dose of Ace Inhibitors after 2 weeks which seems to have made me feel a LOT better despite having a second dose of chemo, which I'm "pleased" to say they let me have on 10th December.

Well, I say pleased. That's not really the right word, but at least my heart's ejection fraction had improved enough (to 56%) to let me have it.

The chemo session itself was fine - the port was really quick at getting the stuff in, and we had some new anti-emetics to try. Fortunately my chemo nurse made sure I had the full litre of fluid via the drip. Just as well - I was as sick as a very very very sick thing.

Brutal is the best way I can think of to describe it - sick every hour for nearly 24hrs was horrid, and my throat still hasn't recovered.

Still, despite being a bit tired I am over it now, but dreading the next session on the 2nd. At least I get Christmas and New Year to myself though - lots of positives.

Having spoken to Dr Evil again today, we are trying yet another new anti-emetic which I've got to pick up this week. I'm to take one the day before, one on the day and one the day after, so whilst I can't remember the name I'm hoping it is strong stuff! If not I will be pushing to be re-admitted and put on a drip.

So, what else? Oh yes, I'm a bit bald. Not entirely yet, but I had my head shaved last week as the hair loss was unbearable, particularly as I had to hoover my clothes, pillow cases, chairs..... you get the gist. I even went for a walk and saw a clump blow past me.....

I also have two wigs. Yes, two. A bit greedy, but necessary for my sanity and vanity. I've been wearing a headscarfy thing and I do look a bit like a refugee wearing it. I won't be able to wear the wig when I'm cooking, due to fear or melting (just like the wicked witch of the west!) but for going out and about, it's essential.

The children absolutely love my wigs, which is a huge confidence boost. Even the smallest has coined the phrase "mummy's new hair"...... their enthusiasm is infectious.

Anyway, I have waffled enough for now, and I'm starving, which when I'm not throwing up or being nauseous appears to be a regular thing. At least the massive carb cravings have eased off - apparently carbs give me indigestion, but it's hard not to eat them when all I can think about is cheesy Doritos......

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