Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Cover me, I'm going in

So, it's chemo day again tomorrow and I am rather dreading it. I had a blood test at the chemo ward on Monday which was bad enough and left me feeling sick by the time I left, so the thought of tomorrow is not good. 

I have prepared the children by telling them that tomorrow is medicine days so I might not be very well afterwards, and certainly the eldest seems to understand and has said that she will look after me, which is very sweet. 

I have new anti emetics to try too, on top of everything else so fingers crossed it works. I have put most of the weight back on over Christmas but I would rather lose some through hard work and exercise rather than through not eating and drinking for two days.....

So, despite not hearing from me for a couple of weeks, don't be surprised if it is another few days before you hear from me again! I'm going in, but at least this time when I come out I will be half way there. That is something to really look forward to.

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