Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A belated Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year!

I hope that yours went well. Ours did, surprisingly, or not so surprisingly bearing in mind how many wonderful people went to so much effort to make ours so wonderful.

My parents, sister, and her husband visited and stayed in a holiday cottage just down the road from us, so we had company every day, yet we were also all able to retain some privacy and space - not something to be taken for granted.

The children had a wonderful time, were utterly spoilt, and also got taken to the beach on the Sunday before Christmas, which was fab - it was one of the best days weather wise over the festive period, and my parents introduced their dogs to the sea for the first time, which was quite entertaining. At least they seem to be able to swim!

I have been spoilt rotten by by wonderful husband, which is lovely. I also received the most amazing Christmas present as well in the form of a ring.

 I'm feeling extremely guilty actually as although I've done a lot of running around doing cooking and Christmassy things, I don't necessarily feel like I've done a lot of looking after my husband and on occasion, the children. Hopefully I'll be able to make it up to them in the following months.

New Years Eve was very relaxed and we went to the beach again today, which was extremely cold, but well worth the trip. My son was rather scared of the sea though, which was odd but he was enjoying himself by the end of the afternoon and didn't really want to come home. 

We had a fab picture taken of us as a family, which is rare, and I'm not even embarrassed about my headscarf.

I haven't mentioned it before now for some reason, but I cannot tell you how wonderful the children have been about the whole hair loss, wig, mummy being useless thing. They have been amazing and seem to have taken it all in their stride. They also like to have an input as to whether mummy wears her "new hair" (copyright to the smallest child) or one of her hats - whatever works, but I can't tell you what a relief it is that they aren't embarrassed about it.

Anyway, enough waffle. Here's the photo of us at the beach today, and during the next few days it's going to be a fabulous reminder of why I'm putting myself through the hell that is chemotherapy.


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