Tuesday, 9 October 2012


One whole day at work (at a machinery auction, so fresh air ALL day) and I am shattered! Pathetic, but least I have actually been at work today. I cannot complain at the weather - it has been a stunningly sunny day and only a bit cold, so quite pleasant to stand around in and chat to people. 

My role was mainly PR, networking, troubleshooting, and camera-woman today, which was actually quite nice. I had the chance to chat to lots of clients that I have known for over 7 years, and have a good old catch up with lots of my husband's peers. I've also been called "remarkable" by one of the Directors of the firm I work for, which is rather nice. Apparently they are all very surprised at me being up and about and so active after my ops. It probably helped that I was standing on top of a piece of farm machinery at the time - well, I'm only 5'4 so I need all the help I can get when taking photos of tractors and crowds of people!

I'm feeling a bit off colour though, rather annoyingly, as I had my flu jab yesterday, which has coincided with the children coming out in a stinking cold - bleurgh . I shall get my own back though, as my husband and both children are going to have the jab next week too - if I can avoid them bringing any more germs home than absolutely necessary, and of course try and protect them against the nasty flu bugs that have been around in recent years, so much the better.

Not looking forward to tomorrow, obviously, but perhaps I will be surprised and get some reasonable news for a change. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how many lymph nodes Mr Pain took out - from what I understand, everyone has a different number of nodes so it will be interesting to see how many I had. Not that it matters but one can't help but be curious.

In an attempt to curry favour, I've also made a batch of fudge for my lovely consultant, seeing as he was so keen on the box that I was given when I last saw him in hospital. 

I'm rather chuffed actually - the last two attempts I have had at making fudge were awful, but last night's "quick fudge" recipe worked a treat. It's very chocolaty, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing.

For anyone that wants it, the recipe is as follows:

397g Can of condensed milk
450g Plain chocolate
2 tsps Vanilla extract
Chopped walnuts/almonds/similar if desired

Basically, heat the chocolate and condensed milk in the microwave until the chocolate has melted (2-3 mins), add the remainder of the ingredients and beat until smooth.

Pour into a 20 x 20cm  square cake tin, lined with tin foil and allow to cool in the fridge for 2 hours.

Judging by the comments from the children this morning (who were allowed to try some tiny slivers), the recipe is a good one. I can feel a home made Christmas coming on!

I've had to tell a few more people today, which was a bit upsetting. It must be so hard for people to know how to react as well - I hate doing it.

I always try to be upbeat, but it does get me down. I'm so bloody tempted just to do a facebook post or put a notice in the paper to get it out in one go. 

My lovely Dr friend has come up with a fab fund raising idea which, if it goes well could end up with some publicity in order to raise money for charity - that might get the word out, and in a very positive way as well.

More info to follow when we know if/when it is going ahead. Pun intended!

Basically, I'm waiting to hear tomorrow what Chemo drugs I'll get as this will influence whether or not my hair falls out. I'm still tempted to do something wild, even if it doesn't, as a way to stick two fingers up at Cancer.

So, a further update will come forth tomorrow no doubt. Would it be wrong to ask for Chemo that doesn't make me put on tons of weight? Losing my hair I can deal with. Getting fat as well would really add insult to injury.

Vain? Moi?



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