Sunday, 21 October 2012

A birthday, and the arrival of the Quilt of Love

Wow, the time goes fast!

My little boy was two today and I can safely say that he is more gorgeous than ever. Despite being full of cold, and on the vommy side due to having the most ridiculously sensitive gag reflex in the world. Ever.

We have had a lovely day, despite a few tantrums - but if you can't have a tantrum on your birthday, when can you?! 

I feel very blessed, to have such lovely children. I saw a glimmer of the future today, as they sat side by side on the sofa playing with a sticker book and chattering to each other. 

I hope it isn't too trite, but it has given me a reminder (as if I needed one) that I have so so so much to fight for, to ensure that I kick the fucking cancer out of my body for good.

Another wonderful thing happened this weekend. Well, Friday.

An unexpected parcel arrived, and within it was the most beautiful quilt, made, with love, by the most amazing people. I am so honoured to have received it, and the time and effort that has gone into it is incredible.

You know who you are, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  1. Wow, that quilt's fab. Hope your little boy had a lovely birthday. The cake looked fab!

  2. That is so beautiful. The love truly surrounds you when you are under it.