Friday, 1 March 2013

Tiredness and Low Blood Pressure

Is it possible for one to cause the other, regardless of which way round?

Chemo 5 has been average, other than the tiredness and dizziness - my husband and I both fell asleep during the session again, and I'm sure that the nurses have a bet on as to whether we'll doze through the Taxotere 3 times in a row.

The joint pain wasn't as bad this time round, which was a relief - it also possibly shows that I was far more run down before my last session that anyone realised. I am ridiculously week though, and my muscles ache at the slightest hint of "hard work".

I'm sure that this ridiculous weather doesn't help either - it has been so very very cold. The horses started to moult, then changed their minds, and the children have made an amazing amount of use of their ski suits - they have at least allowed me to get out and have some fresh air! They are possibly a bit too fit though, as I was so cold and tired the other day after 3 hours outside I had to beg them and bribe them to go indoors again.....

I know that it's meant to be the start of Spring, but is it too late for me to start hibernating? I could sleep for a month.

I met the Radiotherapy consultant last week - he's lovely, very friendly, and very positive, which was nice. He wasn't going to use RT on my neck (where there are lots and lots and lots of remaining lymph nods), and I'm just under the "cut off" point - usually, 4 postive lymph nodes would automatically mean that the neck would be included in the "zapping", but 3 of course is just under. So, I've begged, and if when I have the planning scan, which is in a CT scanner, they are confident that they can give my Neck RT as well as chest wall, without catching too much lung (risk of lung scarring) then my neck can be done too.

Hopefully the consultant didn't think I was mad for asking for it to be done, but just in case I can't have all my doses of Herceptin I need to know that we have covered as many bases as possible.

So, chemo number 6 next week. Gulp. 

I'm torn between wanting to celebrate and just wanting to curl up in a ball and hide. I certainly don't think I'm going to do much after Wednesday (which is chemo day) other than curl up in bed and watch old episodes of Lovejoy.

I honestly think I am relieved - certainly when I talk to others who are just about to start their chemo journey I'm bloody glad I am where I am. I guess I just need to concentrate on the next part of the process, focus on getting through that, then ditto with the next treatment.....

In the meantime, perhaps I'll just sleep...............

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