Tuesday, 5 March 2013

MRI's are LOUD!

I was expecting it to be loud, but had no idea it would be like a jackhammer going off next to me. Hey ho. Earplugs were provided, and I was v grateful to have them!

Other than being a wuss as I didn't realise I'd have to have a jab/infusion with a reactor during the MRI it went well. I cannot get over how amazing these machines are. Am very grateful for the money the NHS is spending on me. 

I won't get the results for 7-10 days, possibly two weeks, so will be keeping my fingers crossed. I do wish it had been a whole body MRI - would be nice to be entirely sure that there is nothing else going on.

I also survived my last "routine" blood test - apparently they aren't needed before Herceptin infusions, so that is a big plus Just got to survive the actual infusions!

For some reason I got really upset before and during the blood test again. Totally stupid, but the chemo ward was full of really v sick people yesterday (to my uneducated mind) so I guess it all got to me a bit. I reallly really really don't want to end up back in there having more chemo. Ever. What will be will be I suppose, but I'd give anything to stay cancer free.

Bargaining - does that mean I'm still in denial?

In other news, the biggest has what sounds like croup, so I'll need to talk about that with my team tomorrow. The smallest has also started coughing up phlegm, but isn't croupy, so all in all if I have to catch something I think I'd prefer his bug. 

Can I go and stay in a spa for a month please?

Will report back after tomorrow's chemo. Remembered to start taking steroids today, and I am so pleased I won't be having them any more. 

Trying to keep my chin up, but I have so many mixed feelings about tomorrow it's hard to describe let alone explain. 

Stiff upper lip. I will be fine, and all that jazz.

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