Wednesday, 13 February 2013

And we're off.

Just about to leave for Chemo number 5. I'm sure I should be happier than this, but all I feel this morning is emotional and tearful. 

Tears of joy to be near the end? Those would make sense. I'm not sure that's what I'm feeling though.

More fear, actually, I think. I've just started to get used to this horrific cycle and soon it's going to change to Radiotherapy, then after 3 weeks of daily "tanning"  it will change again to Herceptin, and I don't ming telling you I'm terrified of starting that.

I suppose for now I'll just have to get on with it - stiff upper lip and all that, but boy oh boy the pressure is starting to mount. 


  1. Sending ((hugs)) hope it isn't too too terrible

  2. Thank you. A bit shaky, but otherwise okay so far. x