Monday, 20 June 2016

All clear!

Just a very quick post, before my internet dies (which is my sorry excuse as to why I have not posted before now), BUT, my tongue biopsy came back all clear, thank goodness!

Apparently, it is Keratosis, probably caused by me grinding my teeth (due to stress - go figure!), so I have to get fitted for a mouth guard - nice.

Thank you to everyone for the support - as usual you have been amazing.

Not much else to tell you except I have accepted a new job, so I am officially a Chartered Surveyor again, working in Norwich, which is rather exciting. The children have taken the news quite well which is a relief as I didn't know whether they would be cross at me not being around as much. Why it makes so much difference to them when they are not even home during the day I got know, but I guess they just like to know where I am, which is pretty cute really.

So, that's me signing off for now. 

Living in a rural area really has its low points as well as all the positives - our wifi waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon, which is somewhat of a pain. 

Lots more going on which I will update with in the next week or so - never a dull moment, or so they say!

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  1. Wonderful news - hope the internet recovers from its sulk and the new job goes well