Saturday, 16 November 2013

What a roller coaster......

Following Wednesday's hard hitting news, I found myself in rather a glum mood on Thursday and Friday, which wasn't too surprising really. My Onc Doctor rang on the Thursday and expressed his concern about my results, advising me that he was going to speak to my cardiologist but had cancelled my treatment......

I had an appointment for work in Southwold on Friday morning and, I will freely admit, I sobbed most of the way there. 

I picked up an answer phone message when I arrived at the property I was visiting, which was from my oncology consultant. Apparently there was a "big" inter-departmental meeting about me on Friday morning and lots of people have reviewed my echocardiogram. What it is to be popular.

The result of that meeting is that they have decided that while my EF has dropped, it doesn't seem to be as bad as they first thought, and is above 50% at least, so I can continue with treatment. 

I am of course delighted, but terrified in almost equal measure as things still need to improve heart wise. At least after next Thursday's session I will be half way through it. 

Talk about stress though. It would be so nice just to have a quiet week, with nothing more to worry about than whether we can get the children to school and nursery on time or not. 

So, I shall start again next week, hopefully on a more positive note and try to keep my terror under wraps. 

Thank you all for the positive vibes and kind messages. They are hugely appreciated.

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  1. Hello my lovely. I'd been wondering how you were getting on. So bloody glad you are still here, and still keeping on keeping on. I think you are amazing. But even the most amazing people are allowed to have a few wobbles and a few off days, and blips. Hope you've had a quiet and uneventful week!

    Big love coming to all of you and yours from all of us down here.

    R xx