Sunday, 9 June 2013

So, Herceptin

Didn't kill me. Well, not the first session anyway.

Sorry, black humour kicking in.

Other than taking ages (2.5 hrs versus the 1hr for most patients - to make sure it didn't upset my heart), and making my blood pressure drop a bit, it was okay.

Much relief. As you all know, I was as nervous as an extremely nervous thing, and shed a few tears before I was plugged in, but it was okay.

Whilst sitting there, I realised that yet another person I know is having chemo - the lovely lady who runs our local flower shop. The real bastard is that her husband died only 18mths ago. Effing hell. How can one person deserve all that?

I'll add it to the list of complaints.

On the whole, we've had a lovely weekend catching up with friends, and doing lots of pony riding. We've got a big show coming up with our newest acquisition so goodness knows, we need the practice!

Keeping positive has been hard this week but we keep plugging onwards. Dark thoughts in a box. In a cupboard. Under the stairs.

To quote a wonderful woman, Fuck fucking cancer.

1 comment:

  1. Hurrah! She lives!

    Well done for getting through it. x